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my Fav of The DaY!

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"Bright Sunny Day"

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©Scholastica Ees
I love being able to get up, and greet a wonderful new day. I suggest creating a morning ritual that includes saying thanks for your blessings. I’m inspired by the Dalai Lama, who said, ” Everyday, think as you wake up, ‘today I am fortunate to have woken up, I am alive, I have a precious human life, I am not going to waste it. I am going to use all my energies to develop myself, to expand my heart out to others, to achieve enlightenment for the benefit of all beings, I am going to have kind thoughts towards others, I am not going to get angry or think badly about others, I am going to benefit others as much as I can.’ “

~ Cheers ~

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Beginners' Photography: Taking Pictures for a Lifetime

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"Beginners' photography"
Beginners' photography doesn't have to be difficult. I am a beginners' armature photographer.. i enjoy these hobby so far..and we don't need to be an expert to take that perfect shoot. I'm not!

And if you already are an expert, perhaps what follows may help you pass your own knowledge on to others.

I'll admit it right away - I am not a great photographer, but I do manage to take memorable photographs because one, I ask for advice (a lot of it) and two, I get really good equipment and learn how to use it.


"Owning a DSLR doesn't make you a photographer. It makes you a DSLR owner"
Yes. when i say "i get really equipment and learn how to use it" it means that i do really got good equipment ( as an amateur). I'm a DSLR owner. I own Nikon D90 and now learning how to use it. I agree with the quote.. owning a DSLR doesn't make you a photographer. It makes you a DSLR owner..
It was your shoot that makes you a  photographer...
But come to think of it, owning one, using it, and then learning from the process in such a way that you're consistent with the quality... technique inhalation etc, etc will soon makes you a pro..


 " Learning from the process in such a way that you're consistent with the quality "
Taking a photo a day will make you a better photographer. Using your camera every day will help you learn its limits. You will get better at composing your shots, you’ll start to care about lighting, and you’ll become more creative with your photography when you’re forced to come up with something new every single day.

" simplicity is the ultimate sophistication "
Here's a few of my photos (2009) .. and its for you to judge (^_^)
Mind you, I like taking photo of a simple thing.. by simple I mean like a cup of my morning coffee...a paper clip on my desk board , flowers in my moms garden..you know, simple things i stumble into everyday..

Classic Feeling~ a Cup of Old Town White Coffee
©Scholastica Ees

My neighbours cat. Six.. aww! isn't he cute :-)
©Scholastica Ees

The hand. Take your ordinary digital photos and simulate the Lomo Photography effect! i put Lomo effect on this photo.. now a spirit of some kind appeared on this photo (so for me)
©Scholastica Ees

Jet'aime (I Love You) Adding texture to images can help create the appearance of an image being old ... Learn how to  add years to a photograph in mere moments here.
©Scholastica Ees

Old Man at Gaya Street, Kota Kinabalu.
I love the texture and the edge – really adds to to the photo.
©Scholastica Ees

Printed on Used Paper (save the tree!!)
( Which, of course, I think it totally cute  :-p)
©Scholastica Ees

©Scholastica Ees
As you can see, i'm addicted to a texture. Love how they add another dimension to photography
(Above Photo) more textured photo from me. Please bear with me as I fiddle with this textured theme ;-)

Proud and happy
©Scholastica Ees

©Scholastica Ees
I wanted more of a dramatic type of processing on the photo...that is why the contrast might otherwise seem high. I personally like the dramatic effect of  texture and colors in it...

Dandelion seeds
©Scholastica Ees

©Scholastica Ees
I name this 'Kundasang Dandelion'
Dandelions are disliked by many people but I Find the Beauty in Dandelions...

©Scholastica Ees
In the Wood
More to come after this..

 ~ Cheers ~

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I don’t really know love
I didn’t know it’d come like this

I can’t seem to control my heart when it comes to love
I wouldn’t have started if I knew it’d be like this

Now that it’s too late to turn back, I’m having regrets
I hoped you wouldn’t be love
I hoped that you wouldn’t be my love

I told myself I didn’t love you
I hoped we were just passing acquaintances
Because all I’ll have left is pain
But even so, I want you
It’s making me sad

A wrong start.
That’s all I saw it as

I believed I could let you go any time
I don’t know what went wrong

I have to avoid your love
But I long for you

I hoped you wouldn’t be love
I hoped that you wouldn’t be my love

I told myself I didn’t love you
I hoped we were just passing acquaintances
Because all I’ll have left is pain
But even so, I want you
It’s making me sad

Now I’m nothing without you
I can’t do anything about it
Knowing that I must erase you...

Makes my life harder

Complicated isn't it?  that's whats life is all about..and that's whats love is all about..
And... nope.. its nothing to do with me/my life.. Its a Korean Drama Soundtrack, Full House (English version lyric) ..FYI, i finished watching it marathon yesterday...

For me FULL HOUSE (download here if interested) is the most amazing and beautiful korean-drama I've ever watched!   well..many might say that Lee Young Jae and Han Ji Eun are the greatest love team ever.But for me, i rather if Han Ji Eun end up with Yoo Min Hyuk.. why? just watch the drama and you will know why i prefer it that way :-)

The theme songs fit the drama and the story line is amazing..the Lyric above is frequently played in this drama and at certain time, it nearly makes me cry...listen Full House-Why - Un Myung.mp3 here


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Usia perkenalan kami sudah masuk tahun ke 2...

dah banyak peristiwa suka dan duka kami lalui bersama

wang ringgit apa tah lg, (x t'kira banyak nya)

masa saya boleh di katakan bersama dia saja tiap² ari

setiap pagi tgh hari dan kadang malam..

tidak lupa juga, tiap² ari saya belanja dia minum

saya jaga dia bagai 'menatang minyak yg penuh'

yang best pasal dia, kemana saya mau pegi dia ikut akur..


sejak akhir² ni dia bt perangai pelik

saya x penah menduakan dia.. betul!

apa tah lagi curang pada dia


apa salah saya ni...

apa lg yg x cukup saya bg kat dia

selama ni

sampai dia snggup

buat saya mcm ni...

sbb saya cayg sama dia (saya masih setia)


tu x mau tukar yg baru

(lagi pun budget belum cukup) hehe...

tapi kerana dia... koyak gak duit poket .....
saya sanggup kerana mu kereta ku sayang..

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Birth day of sir Isaac Newton

Posted by Scholastica Ees on Monday, January 04, 2010

(Google graphic,4 January 2010)

Today is a birth day of Sir Isaac Newton (4 January 1643 – 31 March 1727- an English physicist, mathematician, astronomer, etc etc...(just click here to know more). How a piece of fruit inspired the work that changed our understanding of the universe... you the man Sir Isaac! Anyhow, his birth day is not the main point of my post...:-) acctually, I'm amaze by New Google logo celebrating the birthday of sir Isaac Newton. Just sweet!  I like the falling apple on Google homepage! Mouse over apple and see the gravity on work :) I Was thinking, is it the 1st time they've animated it?


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please refer to my previous post! :-)

Blue Moons--rare. 
Blue Moons on New Year's Eve--really rare.
A lunar eclipse of a Blue Moon on New Year's Eve--well, that's just ridiculous.

Yet that's exactly what happened yesterday in Europe, Asia, Africa and parts of Alaska.
The Blue moon on New Year's Eve passed through the outskirts of Earth's shadow, producing this 8% lunar eclipse:

one of my coolest buddy on  flickr/facebook has been so kind for letting me use his photo...
Thanks   Ahmad Radhafizal AKA Bro Mart.... do visit his awesome photostream here!! (^_^)
..and here's the  photo of BLUE MOON ECLIPSE....

Lunar Eclipse of 2010 by Sir Mart Outdoorgraphy™.
He said he's totally happy and satisfied for being able to capture this phenomenon! I can almost smell the excitement! :-D

Cool? comment his photo here

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Once in a Blue Moon - Sambut tahun baru 2010 dengan gerhana bulan separa!

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Sambutan tahun baru malam tadi diserikan dengan peristiwa gerhana bulan separa pada waktu dinihari.. Science reveal that, gerhana bulan hanya berlaku ketika bulan sedang mengambang penuh sahaja. Maka, pada malam tahun baru, bulan purnama telah memancarkan sinarnya yang terang benderang pada magnitud -12 untuk menerangi alam maya dari kegelapan malam. Secara sinonimnya, ianya bagai melambangkan permulaan hari tahun 2010 akan dimulai dengan kegemilangan cahaya. So sweet!

Di Malaysia, kejadian tu telah berlaku pada detik 01.17am  1 januari 2010. pity that i dont have the chance to capture them trough my lenses......(I sleep early..around 12.30am) apa pun, bagi saya ia merupakan satu pengakhiran yang sangat manis bagi tahun 2009! dont you think so? Ia membawa makna tersirat yang hanya Tuhan saja boleh simpulkan maksudnya..Lets pray that this year will be our luckiest year..!more Ong!

satu lagi fakta menarik yang saya baca ialah, sedar atau pun tidak, kejadian bulan penuh/ purnama telah berlaku sebanyak 2 kali pada bulan disember 2009 lepas...Bulan penuh yang pertama adalah pada 2 Disember 2009 dan yang ke dua adalah pada 31 Disember 2009/1 Januari 2010.

Kejadian bulan penuh sebanyak dua kali dalam masa sebulan ini sangat jarang berlaku. Bulan penuh seperti ini biasanya digelar sebagai blue moon hanya berlaku sebanyak 41 kali dalam masa seratus tahun ini (kurun ke-21). Disebabkan oleh blue moon ini berlaku dengan sangat jarang, maka timbullah istilah once in a blue moon  yang digunakan untuk merujuk kepada perisitiwa yang jarang terjadi.. tapi kini kita boleh la gelar ia "Twice in a Blue Moon!" hehe...

*****apa yang berlaku?****
(dipetik dari Daily News UK)

Gerhana Bulan Separa 1 Januari 2010

Jom kita fokus kepada peristiwa ini. Sila rujuk rajah sebagai panduan.

Rajah 2
Klik untuk gambar lebih besar.

Gerhana bulan separa kali ini  bermula pada jam 01.17 minit pagi dimana bulan akan mula memasuki bayang penumbra bumi (P1 pada rajah 2). Ingin diingatkan disini bahawa bayang penumbra adalah bayang bumi yang separa gelap. Maka bayang yang akan bakal kelihatan di permukaan bulan berkemungkinan tidak dapat dikesan oleh mata kasar disebabkan oleh kontras yang kurang ketara.

Maka ingin saya cadangkan anda memulakan cerapan dengan mula melihat bulan ketika ianya sedang ingin masuk ke bayang umbra bumi pada jam 02.52 minit pagi (U1). Bermula dari detik ini, anda akan melihat sebahagian kecil dari permukaan bulan akan dimamah secara perlahan2 oleh bayang umbra bumi.

Keadaan ini akan berterusan sehinggalah kemuncak gerhana iaitu pada jam 03.23 minit pagi. Seterusnya bulan akan terus berada dalam bayang umbra sehinggalah ia keluar secara keseluruhannya dari bayang umbra pada jam 03.52 minit pagi (U4).

Bulan akan keluar dari bayang penumbra pada jam 05.28 minit pagi (P4) yang menandakan berakhirnya peristiwa kali ini.

Rajah 3
Perbandingan rupa bulan ketika gerhana (kiri) dan sebelum gerhana pada pagi 1 Januari 2010

(sumber dipetik dari: Daily News UK)


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